Bud Coffee Field and Hangar #1 in Modesto, California

I’m so grateful to Gene Gomes for contributing the following diagrams of Bud Coffee Field and Hangar #1 in Modesto, California.

Gene explained:

Bud Coffee Field was the original airfield of Modesto, CA prior to construction of the new airport location. Bud Coffee Field lives on now as the Modesto Muni Golf Course.

Hangar #1 still exists at the (newer) Modesto Airport, and resides on the general aviation side of the airport, just off Runway 28L, on Tioga Drive. It is visible in aerial/satellite photos.

The images below link to the full-size PDFs. The Bud Coffee Field diagram contains three pages, so be sure to check them out!

Bud Coffee Field

Hangar #1, Modesto City Airport

Map of locations

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