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Beacon Tower near Belfast, Maine Municipal Airport

Michael La Rose has submitted some photos showing a beacon tower he spotted adjacent to the Belfast Municipal Airport.

The two sheds next to the beacon tower base. If you look closely you can see the letters PS on the forward building for Portland-Spokane.
Portland—Spokane Beacon #12 in Arlington, Oregon

Dave Sbur has contributed some beautiful photos of Portland—Spokane beacon #12 from his visit to the site.

Beacon Site Southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada

This former beacon site with a mostly intact arrow was discovered by Herbert Arnold. It appears to have been the site of Beacon #23 on the Los Angeles—Las Vegas Airway.

Benchmarks from Harris, Montgomery, Walker Counties, Texas

Thanks to Will Awalt of Jones|Carter, we have some new benchmark data for Texas!

New York USGS Datasheets Available

New York USGS datasheets are available. They include some very interesting history!

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