Specifications For Marks

3. Naming of stations. – The triangulation party normally uses the name assigned by the reconnaissance party unless there is some reason for changing it. Correct spelling of the name should be checked locally before the mark is stamped. The correct name as stamped on the mark will be used throughout the records.

The name of the locality is preferable but the name of the property owner may be used for the designation of the station. To avoid ill feeling, it should be made certain that the station is actually on the named property, and that the owner’s name is correctly spelled.

Double names should be avoided if practical as they cause extra work throughout the recording and computing. Also the double name including the word “peak,” or “mountain,” or “point,” is not usually necessary, since the description should state that the station is on a peak or mountain or point of that name.

Names of stations of other organizations should be retained exactly as stamped on that organization’s station mark. If additional azimuth or reference marks are established by a party of this Bureau, the stamping should include the original station name, the initials of the other organization, and the year in which the additional marks are established.

If the name of a recovered intersection station (not marked with a bronze disk) is incorrect, the correct name should be typed in the heading of Form 525b. The first statement in the body of the note should then list any previous triangulation names of the same object, as well as map names and any other names in current usage.