N 44.226833° W 68.364733°
39 ft.
Topographic Station Disk
Rock Outcrop
Year Established:
Established By:
Good as of June 22, 2008

Most of the topographic stations in this area are on practically inaccessible islands (we don't have a kayak—or a helicopter!), so we haven't been able to recover many of them. LOP looked like a strong possibility, though, and one I'd been interested in for a few years already. Today, Rich suggested that we give it a try.

Driving south on Lopaus Point Road, we could tell that we might have an issue with all the private property nearby. In fact, there were so many "private drive" signs that we began to feel uncomfortable, so we parked the car and walked the remaining half-mile or so toward the coordinates. While we walked, a woman in a Subaru passed us, but said nothing. When we reached the end of the road we came upon a neat house that looked like three cabins strung together. The Subaru was parked there. We approached the cabin to ask permission to search for and document the mark.

The woman answered and immediately called a man to the door. He was extremely kind and pleasant, and he had no problem with our going to document the mark. As we've found with so many landowners, he was aware of the survey mark but had no idea of its purpose or history. We were happy to provide this information for him and to show him the datasheet while we chatted. Our private nickname for the residents became "The LOPsters," for obvious reasons.

We found the mark easily on some ledges along the shore. It's in excellent condition. But while I was taking my photos, I apparently disturbed a nest of biting ants! They had swarmed up my legs and were biting all over. I did an "ants in the pants" dance for sure! Even after we were done with our recovery and were walking back to the car, I found a few still roaming around inside my jacket.

A report on the condition of this survey mark has been submitted to NGS.

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