841 3320 TIDAL C

N 44.390784° W 68.203086°
Tidal Bench Mark Disk
Granite Seawall
Year Established:
Established By:
National Ocean Service
Good as of September 13, 2007
  • Official National Ocean Service Description:

    The bench mark is a disk set in the top of a granite block seawall at the corner bend of the seawall next to the Bar Harbor Inn SE of the Bar Harbor Inn's pier located 26.20 m (86 ft) west of the Bar Harbor Inn pier, 17.18 m (56.4 ft) NE of the center line of steps leading to parking lot to the Bar Harbor Inn and park, 0.31 m (1.0 ft) north of the steel rail along sea wall, and 0.14 m (0.5 ft) above the walkway set in the top of a granite block seawall.

Rich and I happened to spot this new (set just last year) tidal station while wandering around the area waiting to join our sailing of the Margaret Todd. It's set into the seawall, on the ocean side of the fence, so taking photos was a bit tricky. It's near an angle in the seawall about 100 feet west of the Shore Path entrance to the Bar Harbor Inn. This new mark is in very good condition.

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