48 DSW

N 41.513027° W 75.2944549°
1156.930 ft.
Elevation Mark
Bridge Wingwall
Year Established:
Established By:
Good as of June 28, 2014
  • Official USGS Description:

    Gravity, about 6.0 mi NE. of, along dirt rd. leading to State Highway 191; 13 ft. N. of, and about level with centerline of rd. opposite; in NE. corner of N. wingwall of concrete bridge over Collins Brook; PDH standard disk stamped "48 DSW 1963 USGS"

48 DSW was an unplanned find. The next mark on our list after TT 9 J was TT 8 J, along Tannery Road. We were interested to see if Middle Creek Road truly does connect all the way through to Tannery Road; our Garmin nüvi was showing that it does and routing us that way, while Google Maps shows a gap of approximately ¾ mile. (It turns out Google Maps is wrong. Middle Creek Road does connect through to Mill Brook Road and then Tannery Road.)

Rich suggested that I check the bridges along the way, and I was thrilled to find 48 DSW on the northeast wingwall of this bridge! I was not thrilled, however, at the copious amount of poison ivy thickly surrounding the bridge on both sides. I didn't even attempt to get close to the mark, which had a poison ivy leaf hanging over it; I simply photographed it from above. The disk is in good condition and the description is accurate, except that Middle Creek Road is now paved.

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