TT 31 A

N 41.740738° W 75.423825° (estimate)
1893.897 ft.
Transit Traverse Station Disk
Rock Outcrop
Year Established:
Established By:
Not Found
Unknown (Not Found) as of June 20, 2015
  • Official USGS Description:

    Pleasant Mount; 0.8 mi E. of junction of rd. N.; 150 ft NE. of crossroad; in orchard; in large flat rock; standard tablet stamped "TT STA NO 31 A 1929" (Tied by NGS, 1942)

    Pleasant Mount, 0.8 mi E. of; 150 ft NE. of crossroads; on N. side of Herrick Center-Damascus rd.; in orchard of F. H. Amcuster; in large flat rock; standard tablet stamped "TT STA NO 31 A 1929"

    Plane Coordinates (feet) Latitude Longitude
    X = 2,625,594 Y = 581,787 41 44 26.63 -75 27 27.03

I was excited by the prospect of another old TT mark in the area, but I'm afraid this one is gone. The former orchard—still undisturbed in the Google Street View from 2008—is now the site of a large garage, and the entire area around the coordinates has been modified. Boulders have been plowed up against the bank of fill on which the garage sits, and heavy equipment has cut tracks through the mud. Dad and I found a large rock (heaved up out of the ground) at the site of the coordinates we had pulled from the topo map, but we could find no sign of the disk on the rock. The rock did appear to be an excellent setting for a mark, and it's possible that the disk was on the underside of the rock. In any case, I'm quite sure the mark is no longer viable. We thought maybe someone at the garage would have an idea how the land had looked before the excavating and filling, but the garage was deserted on this Saturday morning, so we had no one to ask.

Note: although this mark's description indicates that it was tied by NGS in 1942, like TT 15 T we can't find any evidence of it in the NGS database.

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