AMD 3 1942 RESET 1958

N 41.458092° W 76.028498°
Bench Mark Disk
Bridge Wingwall
Year Established:
Established By:
Good as of May 6, 2023
Official USGS Description:

Unavailable (but see 3 AMD for the description of the original mark).

I was sad to see that the original disk was gone (since the bridge was replaced 15 years after it was set), but it was so cool to see a reset USGS mark in its place! For some reason, the reset is stamped AMD 3 instead of 3 AMD. It is in very good condition on the northeast wingwall of the bridge along Route 29. There is plenty of room just west of the bridge to park, the shoulder is wide, and there is plenty of room to stand on the other side of the guard rail here. It was also neat to see that this mark was apparently used recently: there was a small twig set into the ground with a piece of blue flagging tape right next to the mark. There was also something unusual set in the steeply-sloping wingwall behind the PDH plaque: two coins embedded in the concrete, one of which was a special edition Lewis & Clark nickel from 2005. So that concrete, at least, must have been repaired or patched quite recently.

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