44 CH

N 41.35149° W 76.10255° (estimate)
1366.959 ft.
Bench Mark Disk
Rock Outcrop
Year Established:
Established By:
Note Entered
Unknown (Not Found) as of May 6, 2023
Official USGS Description:

Stull, 5.1 mi S. of; about 300 ft E. of dwelling; 30 ft N. and 70 ft E. from junction of Y-rd.; in rock outcrop; standard tablet stamped "44 CH 1942"

Reference mark; 70 ft W. of tablet; 20 ft NW. of junction of rd.; on E. edge of flat rock; chiseled square

This one, while I didn't find it, is worth coming back for. There is a huge, high ledge at the coordinates, with a large flat rock in front (notice the description of the reference mark). It seems likely that the mark is on this ledge somewhere! It is covered with soil, leaves, and other forest debris, but with permission from the nearby landowner and a metal detector, we could probably find the mark.

Something else interesting that I noticed was a large bolt embedded in the front face of the ledge. I have never seen anything like that indicating the location of a bench mark (if it's anything, it may be a property boundary marker) but it was still interesting.

While I was emerging from the woods after my quick search, someone drove by slowly, gave me a look, and then turned into the driveway nearby. He didn't question me at all and therefore may be a good person to approach and ask for permission if we return to look for the mark.

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