N 44.571315° W 68.794911°
7 ft.
Steel Rod
Object Driven into Ground
Year Established:
Established By:
National Ocean Service
Not Found
Unknown (Not Found) as of September 8, 2022

We followed the walking path along the waterfront in Bucksport, hoping it would take us to ROSEN. When we arrived at the coordinates for the benchmark, Rich asked what type of mark we were looking for, and I said it was a bolt with a washer.

"Well, here's a washer!" he said.

"Are you kidding?" I said, thinking he had actually already found it.

No, it was in fact just a plain washer on the ground that he happened to spot right when I said the word "washer." I kept it as a souvenir.

We continued our search around the little park where the bolt was supposedly set, but we saw nothing else that looked like even a remote possibility. We even checked the Geocaching page for this mark. Strangely enough, after no logs at all for 22 years, someone was here and logged a "Not Found" just last Monday. Weird. (And no, it wasn't Geeoh!)

Another weird thing is that the datasheet didn't say `SCALED` or `ADJUSTED` but rather `NO CHECK`, which I've never seen before (I would expect this type of mark to be adjusted, but if it wasn't, we may have been in the wrong spot).

Also, since construction on the park began in 1984 and the bolt was set in 1982, it may have been removed or covered over long ago.

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