X 144

N 44.375277° W 68.292222° (estimate)
165.20 ft.
Bench Mark Disk
Rock Outcrop
Year Established:
Established By:
Not Found
Unknown (Not Found) as of September 15, 2018

We knew this mark was a long shot. The last surveyor to look for it and submit a recovery note, in 2016, was unable to find it—and he ran numerous checks from various points using equipment we don't have. He still couldn't find it, so I doubted we could. But stranger things have happened, so we had to try!

This mark doesn't appear on the topo map, so we had to use the references in the description to zero in on the general area, which is a small gravel pulloff north of Eagle Lake Road. We're sure we located the right spot based on the utility pole numbers in the description, which are still the same. But the only ledge in the area that might have been a foot above the highway was covered with moss so thick there was no way to get through it without tools. The only other protrusion that looked like a ledge was actually a pile of asphalt, as described by the surveyor. I'm not sure if we'll try this one again, but it's possible, especially if we can find more information about it!

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