N 41.637682° W 75.636329°
1454 ft.
Triangulation Station Disk
Square Concrete Monument
Year Established:
Established By:
Note Entered
Unknown (Not Found) as of May 20, 2018

Rich first drew my attention to FINN a few weeks ago, right around the time we started getting a craving for spiedies at Lupo's. Unfortunately it has been raining nonstop since then, and we haven't had a chance to go on a spiedie-and-benchmark run. At long last, today would be the day! With the promise of a sunny day in the forecast, we headed out around 10:00am and made our way via the (paved) back roads toward FINN. We didn't have any real expectations but to scout out the area, but there's always the possibility of an easy find!

That wasn't to be this time. We found the area easily enough, and it's still an undeveloped corner. But it's overgrown with weeds (fortunately not too much poison ivy) and the entire area is covered with layers of dead leaves. Additionally, it's partially surrounded by a wire fence and we could not walk straight to the coordinates. We probably could have entered through an opening Rich found to the north, but we would still need a metal detector to find the disks. All three disks are near or at the level of the ground and are now quite obviously covered by leaves and other debris.

The area is posted property but the posters include the owners' names, of which I made a note, so we can attempt to contact them if we want to try for this mark again in the future. There's no real way we could be discreet while searching here, so it would be best to have permission ahead of time.

After our quick search and realization that we would not be finding FINN today, we continued on our back roads route toward Endwell, NY. Just before reaching the end of Creamery Road, three guys in a Unimog came toward us! Pretty cool!

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