Salt Lake—Omaha Beacon Sites #38 and #42

Jack Breeding has submitted some photos for beacon sites #38 and #42 on the Salt Lake—Omaha airway!

Beacon SL-O #38

Arrow at SL-O #38 site
Arrow at SL-O #38 site

Jack writes: “Just a few dozen miles to the west of SLO42 and the very first beacon arrow I ever saw in person. This picture and my visit were made in 2015. As you can see, it looks like someone ‘salted’ the ground around the arrowhead – nothing grows there. Made me wonder if some Beacon-keeper had trouble with weeds overgrowing the marker and decided to do something about it! This one is easily visible on Google Earth.”

Beacon SL-O #42

Jack has also submitted some photos of the site of beacon #42 from different vantage points. He writes: “The arrow points east (towards Omaha, of course). Easily seen once you walk a dozen yards off the road. Tail, square tower pad and arrow head are all present and complete.”

Thank you for your contributions, Jack!

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