Beacon Tower Near Fernley, NV

Ken Nussear has submitted the following photographs of an intact beacon tower near Fernley, Nevada. He also discovered at Arrows Across America that the beacon was designated “216 SF-SL” on the Reno-Elko section of the San Francisco—Salt Lake route.

Coordinates of the tower are N 39.608274° W 119.289933°.

The intact tower
The intact tower
Inside the tower base
Inside the tower base

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  1. I have acquired an intact AGA Airway Beacon, nearly identical to the one pictured above. It is serial No. 520. The beacon in the photo is missing its homing beacon which was a circular fresnel type cut glass lens made by Corning glass works. It sat on top of the upper (brass) round housing and was also powered by acetylene gas. I would like to know more about AGA beacon history and would like to find a drawing or photo of one from back in the day thank you.


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