Beacon Light Purchased—Can Anyone Help Identify It?

Recently I was contacted by a man who has purchased an old airway beacon light. He is wondering if anyone can provide details about it, or some tips on how he might go about finding more information about it.

The plate on the base is illegible. Lettering on the drum says “Department of Commerce.” That’s all the information he has at this time. He has no idea how to go about determining where it came from, nor do I. Can anyone help?

Unknown beacon light

Unknown beacon light

Unknown beacon light

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  1. This is an early-style Department of Commerce 24″ airway beacon. The specifications for this light were issued by the Aeronautics Branch, Airways Division / U. S. Lighthouse Service in 1928. This type of 24″ beacon was produced from 1928 to 1938-39. They were supplied to the federal airways under contract by Sperry Gyroscope, General Electric and Crouse-Hinds. This particular light appears to have been manufactured by Crouse-Hinds.

    Without better photos, I can’t tell you much more. More often than not it’s impossible to determine the actual location where an old beacon served. It’s obviously a bit rough and missing some parts, but it is certainly worthy of restoration.


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