Beacon Light—Information Wanted

The following photos were submitted by Bill Huber. He has obtained the beacon light from LOS ANGELES DENVER AWY BCN 76A (NGS PID KL0666), a tower in Eagle, Colorado, and would like to know more about it. Bill writes:

I have the Beacon AWY 76A KL0666 of the NGS data sheet. It was in Eagle, Colorado at a elevation of 10,485. the rotating beacon was made by Carouse-Hinds with a serial #135. The two stationary beacons were made by Carlisle Finch with serial #11757. It was removed off the tower by the company I work for about 25 years ago and stored. I would like to get as much info as I can on this beacon.

Photos of the beacon light in its current condition are below (click thumbnails for full-resolution images). Can anyone offer more information?

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