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Bud Coffee Field and Hangar #1 in Modesto, California

Gene Gomes has contributed diagrams of Hangar #1 and the former Bud Coffee Field in Modesto, CA!

2 x DCB-24 = DCB-224
Harvey’s Counterfeit Beacon—October 2017 Update

Harvey Hartman has an update on his “counterfeit” beacon!

The intact tower
Beacon Tower Near Fernley, NV

Ken Nussear has found an intact beacon tower near Fernley, Nevada.

Pre-NGS Survey Data Sheets—Now with Images!

Harold Nelson of MaineDOT has sent along old horizontal control datasheets from Hancock County, Maine—they contain diagrams!

7 Myths About the Lighted Airways

From Dave DuPree: Often-repeated misconceptions and historical fallacies regarding airway beacons and concrete directional arrows.

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